Breathe life into your content with animations that captivate, inspire and engage.

There’s something special in everything we do, but the real magic lies in our filmmaking.

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Magic Lantern is your content creation hub. Our experienced team of copywriters, videographers and animators will assist you every step of the way. Whether it’s tutorials, training videos or induction, let us help you to create quality content that facilitates learning, knowledge retention and comprehension.

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Did you know that most people learn with their eyes? That’s why we understand the value of using video in e-learning. We create videos that capture the imagination, engage learners, and leave a lasting impression.


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2D Animation

Just because we don’t live in a two-dimensional world doesn’t mean 2D animations have to be boring. We develop accessible and easy-to-consume 2D animations that move, talk and elevate your learning experience.

3D Animation

Explore the possibilities of 3D learning in your training environment. Mesmerise your audience with the next frontier in content creation.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics tells stories through animated text or images. Basically, it's when sound, motion, and pictures come together in beautiful harmony to deliver a message and reach people in a captivating way.


With presenter videos, it’s like having a classroom with you at all times. Our in-house production studio takes care of everything, effectively presenting the content with a magnificent visual display and delivering a highly engaging lesson.

Create your own videos

You give us the raw footage and we’ll do the rest. Shooting footage can be scary, but we will provide you with tips and tricks to make your content easy to understand and relevant to your audience.

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Interactive content

Interactive content can take your training to the next level. It puts the learners in control of their learning journey and lets them interact with and influence the outcome thereof. Our true-to-life simulations allow learners to engage with the systems they will be using daily, before putting it into practice in the workplace.

Live footage

Live footage is the classic workhorse of content, and with good reason! When the viewer sees another person demonstrating something, they remember it better. Keep your audience engaged with relatable, emotive and visually accurate live footage.

Video production


We want you to be involved right from day one, which is why we pride ourselves on our transparent 8-step production process. From start to finish, our team of experts are there to supply the highest quality and most beautifully finished product.

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